What We Do

  • ​Employee Turnover
  • Maternity Leave
  • Unexpected growth in your organization
  • Holiday and Vacation coverage
  • Program start-up

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Whether your need a long-term, full-time commitment, or just a few hours a week, we are available to fit your needs. We have social workers who are available both full-time and part-time, weekdays, nights and weekends.

Flexible Options

Temp Social Work provides licensed social workers to your organization on a temporary or as-needed basis. Whether a vacancy has left you short-staffed, or you simply need extra help, our licensed social workers can quickly respond to your needs. We are the ideal solution in the following scenarios:

No Long Term Commitment 

Social Work Experts

At Temp Social Work, all of our social workers are licensed and experienced. We are able to jump right in and work with little or no additional training. We are a social-worker owned company with a passion for the people we serve.

Consider using Temp Social Work a few hours a week to support your current social workers. Our partnership with you can reduce costly burnout and employee turnover, keep morale high and save your facility thousands of dollars each year.